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Debian Packages about GFD Dennou Club products:

GPG Sign

Packages is this repository can be gpg authenticated. The key that is being used for signing the packages is

pub   4096R/891D7E07 2009-09-03
      Key fingerprint = 66A4 EA70 4FE2 4055 8D6A  C2E6 9394 F354 891D 7E07
uid                  Youhei SASAKI <>
uid                  Youhei SASAKI (JunkHub) <>
uid                  Youhei SASAKI (Debian JP Project) <>
sub   4096R/9DBFD29F 2009-09-03

You can enter this key into the APT trusted keys database with the following command:

% sudo apt-get install debian-keyring
% gpg --keyring /usr/share/keyrings/debian-maintainers.gpg --export -a 891D7E07 | sudo apt-key add -


# apt-key adv --keyserver --recv 891D7E07


You can use apt to download and install the packages. Use the following lines in "/etc/apt/sources.list" to enable downloading from this component.

# for buster
deb buster main
deb-src buster main

# for bullseye
deb bullseye main
deb-src bullseye main

# for sid
deb sid main
deb-src sid main

Debian package list

DCL - Dennou Club Library

GFD-DENNOU Club Library (DCL) is a package of graphic and mathematical libraries developed by GFD-Dennou Club. This library is originally written in FORTRAN77. In addition, we provide the ported version written in C, and Fortran90 interfaces.

To use this library, simply, install a package written in the language you want to use:

  • FORTRAN77 version:

    % sudo apt-get install dcl-f77
  • C version:

    % sudo apt-get install dcl-c
Packages dcl-c, libcdcl-dev, libcdcl7, dcl-c-docs
Description GFD-DENNOU Club Library (DCL) - C version
Codename Buster: 7.3.4-3+0~20200406153222.38~1.gbpb4bd40 Bullseye: 7.3.4-3+0~20200406153222.38~1.gbpb4bd40 Sid: 7.3.4-3+0~20200406153222.38~1.gbpb4bd40
Architecture i386 amd64 i386 amd64 i386 amd64

DCModel - DCModel Products

To use this library, simply, install spml package:

% sudo apt-get install spml
Packages ispack, libispack0, libispack-dev
Description FORTRAN77 library for CFD - ISPACK
Codename Buster: 1.0.4-9+0~20200407101109.16~1.gbp6cce03 Bullseye: 1.0.4-9+0~20200407101109.16~1.gbp6cce03 Sid: 1.0.4-9+0~20200407101109.16~1.gbp6cce03
Architecture i386 amd64 i386 amd64 i386 amd64
Packages gtool5, gtool5-doc
Description Fortran90 netCDF I/O library with gtool4 convention - development files
Codename Buster: 20160613-2+0~20200406153552.16~1.gbp4ea4a7 Bullseye: 20160613-2+0~20200406153552.16~1.gbp4ea4a7 Sid: 20160613-2+0~20200406153552.16~1.gbp4ea4a7
Architecture i386 amd64 i386 amd64 i386 amd64
Packages spml, spml-doc
Description Fortran90 module library for solveing fundamental GFD problems
Codename Buster: 0.8.0-11+0~20200407144738.14~1.gbpc02476 Bullseye: 0.8.0-11+0~20200407144738.14~1.gbpc02476 Sid: 0.8.0-11+0~20200407144738.14~1.gbpc02476
Architecture i386 amd64 i386 amd64 i386 amd64

Softwares developed by Dennou Ruby Project

Provieds Debian packages developed by Dennou Ruby - Ruby for data analyses, visualization, and numerical simulations for geophysical studies.

When you install gphys, all of these packages will be installed from dependencies.

% sudo apt-get install gphys
Packages gphys
Description Multi-purpose class to handle Gridded Physical quantities
Codename Buster: 1.5.6-1+0~20190319155055.12~1.gbp490fca Bullseye: - Sid: 1.5.6-1+0~20190319155055.12~1.gbp490fca
Architecture i386 amd64 i386 amd64 i386 amd64
Status - -
Packages ruby-dcl
Description Ruby interface of the DCL graphic library
Codename Buster: 1.8.1-2+0~20200330182727.28~1.gbpc20958 Bullseye: - Sid: 1.8.1-3+0~20200406164628.29~1.gbp295018
Architecture i386 amd64 i386 amd64 i386 amd64
Status - -
Packages ruby-numru-met, numru-met, libnumru-met-ruby, libnumru-met-ruby1.8, libnumru-met-ruby1.9.1
Description Collection of meteorological apprications written by Ruby
Codename Buster: 0.0.2-7+0~20200407125346.6~1.gbp1dd510 Bullseye: 0.0.2-7+0~20200407125346.6~1.gbp1dd510 Sid: 0.0.2-7+0~20200407125346.6~1.gbp1dd510
Architecture all all all